Pokemon Go Map: Most Likely Places to Catch Pokemon Types

Each type of Pokemon has different places they prefer to be at. Check out this map and see where the most are being caught near your location.

The map is currently centered on the middle of Las Vegas. Notice how UNLV is a huge hotspot!

I couldn’t even imagine dropping anything right when I get it, let alone an iPhone 6. My heart would just melt!

iPhone 6 Cases on Amazon.com

This is Cool! You’ll want one too

I’ve never really taken my YouTube channel seriously, but I decided to order a YouTube channel cover photo from Fiverr.com. For $5, it was a no brainer really. Check it out on my personal YouTube channel.

Oh, and if you want on yourself, check out the YouTube channel art Fiverr gig.

YouTube Channel Art - Daniel Moravec

An author answered a lifetime question I’m sure most of us have: “How much money do I really save by turning off the lights?”

Check it out at The Simple Dollar

Apple Patents Touchscreen Car Dashboard

My Favorite Apple Keyboard Shortcuts

I thought it would be useful to publish a list of time-saving shortcuts that I use to zoom around apps on my Mac. I use these shortcuts on a daily basis and they have saved me gobs of time!

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I must receive about 100 new emails per day. I’ve already filtered out a lot of “junk mail” from this, so most of these are fairly important to me. Unsubscribing from all of these isn’t an option, because I do enjoy reading certain newsletters and communications. This guide was created for people with that same problem: managing loads of email of WANTED email.

Keeping annoying emails and newsletters at bay, while filtering important emails to the top is very important to me. The guide below will help Gmail users more than anything, and even more so if you’re using Gmail’s Priority Inbox feature.

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