Police Officer Shot at Courthouse in Las Vegas

Someone caught footage of the officer shooting as it happened while they were filming live on Youtube. I’ve found the clip and warped you to the point it happened below. There is no blood or gore in this video.

Please be respectful of the officer and his family. This is absolutely tragic.

Moment Shots Fired

Trimmed Video

Original Full Video

I recently attended ICO Summit 2.0 and there were some great speakers. Overall, I would recommend this 1-day event to anyone within ~2hrs of drive or fly time. Here are my notes!

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Myranda Bracy – BEWARE! Credit Card Fraudster

Myranda Bracy came into my Las Vegas hoverboard store in December of 2015 and purchased a few hoverboards from us. Little did we know, this wouldn’t be her first time in our store, and that she never had an intention of paying us.

Myranda Bracy, also known as Myranda Dawn Garcia, purchased two hoverboards from us during her first visit, valued at about $1200 in merchandise. She is a heavier set woman, who was wearing sunglasses and had a Michael Kors handbag on her. Continue Reading

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Made a homemade Juicy Lucy tonight for dinner.

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Breakfast of Champions right here.

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Let the grilling begin ?♨️

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Snoop enjoying our walk through this path in the woods.

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