Myranda Bracy – BEWARE! Credit Card Fraudster

Myranda Bracy came into my Las Vegas hoverboard store in December of 2015 and purchased a few hoverboards from us. Little did we know, this wouldn’t be her first time in our store, and that she never had an intention of paying us.

Myranda Bracy, also known as Myranda Dawn Garcia, purchased two hoverboards from us during her first visit, valued at about $1200 in merchandise. She is a heavier set woman, who was wearing sunglasses and had a Michael Kors handbag on her.

A week later, Myranda Bracy came back into our store to buy more hoverboards. She was running her scam right in front of our faces, and she had an accomplice with her named Jeff.

Here is some information about Myranda Bracy that you should be aware of straight away.

Children: She has a daughter
Acquaintances: She is associated with an older man in his 50’s named Jeff.

The Myranda Bracy Scam

What Myranda does isn’t actually that sophisticated. She has a few methods of which she likes to rip people off.

1) She uses her own card then disputes the transaction later.

Make sure if Myranda Bracy comes into your store, which if you’re reading this its probably already too late, that you use the EMV chip or RFID technology to charge her card. Merchants are NOT protected from scammers and chargebacks for swiping anymore! This rule changed in October 2015.

Here is an image of Myranda Bracy’s theft work at LVEquip in Las Vegas, NV.

Myranda Bracy Fraud Receipt

2) She uses stolen credit cards online.

Another person reported to me that Myranda Bracy scammed her Shopify Store. Here are some photos of the credit card scam that she ran.

Myranda Dawn Garcia Shopify Fraud

Myranda Bracy Arrest Record

This bitch has quite the arrest record. I feel bad for other clerks that run into scammers like this and have no idea. She thinks she is good at stealing credit cards and using them, but obviously she is not!

Myranda Bracy Las Vegas Arrested

Video of Myranda Bracy Fraudster

Here is the full video of one of her visits to our store. We put it on YouTube to warn other people and try to catch her.

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