Google Gadgets for Your Website

Google made their Google Gadgets (widgets) available for website owners to add to their webpages. Good gadgets are basically Java Applets that offer dynamic content that can be displayed on any web page. A directory of

Fighting Copied Content and Plagiarism

I recently had an issue with one of my other websites. Somebody decided that they would copy my content and list it as their own, on their own website. Obviously I was not okay with this, and nobody should. In leiu of this, I’ve decided to write about what you as a webmaster can do to fight people from copying your content, or at the very least prevent it from happening.

From my experience, the only thing worse than searching for plagiarists, is finding one. I mean, what on earth do you do when you find one? What steps should you take in getting them to remove the content in which they’ve freely copied and listed as their own? I’ve come up with a few ideas that I personally implement when somebody decides to copy my content, and they are quite effective.

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Automatically Build a Mission Statement

I figured that I would post this as my first marketing related article. As most of you marketing people know, most companies have a Mission Statement proclaiming their goals and what the company’s ultimate purpose is. Of course, this statement can’t be more than a paragraph so I’ve always found mission statements to be useless at best.

I found a solution to coming up with a statement, being that they are useless anyways. It’s called the automatic mission statement generator. Generate it a few times until you find the mission statement that you might want to use, your boss will love you for it!

Google Website Optimizer

It has come to my attention that Google is in the process of developing a new product which may be very useful to us search engine optimizers. It’s called Google Website Optimizer and simply adds a new twist to how we see our readers convert into sales.

The main purpose of Google’s new Website Optimizer is to test different types of website content and analyze the results based on the statistics that have been gathered. Webmasters will be able to access graphical data reports allowing them to better analyze which content engages readers to convert to a sale. Google asserts that whether we want to believe it or not, statistics are the best answer to improving our websites, and the Google Website Optimizer will help improve content so better conversions can be made.

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Google’s Web Accelerator

I was just playing around on the internet for a little bit and did a search in Google for “Google” to see what would happen. I couldn’t believe it, but there are a couple tools that I haven’t even heard of before listed on there. I was particularily interested in a tool called the Google Web Accelerator.

The Google Web Accelerator is a tool that IE and Firefox users can download and install into their browser. What it basically does is speed up the internet for broadband connections (dial up users don’t get much help). I’ve heard of tools like this before and have actually used them, but G’s Web Accelerator has a concept that I’ve hardly heard about called prefetching, which is normally used for images on websites.

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