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It has come to my attention that Google is in the process of developing a new product which may be very useful to us search engine optimizers. It’s called Google Website Optimizer and simply adds a new twist to how we see our readers convert into sales.

The main purpose of Google’s new Website Optimizer is to test different types of website content and analyze the results based on the statistics that have been gathered. Webmasters will be able to access graphical data reports allowing them to better analyze which content engages readers to convert to a sale. Google asserts that whether we want to believe it or not, statistics are the best answer to improving our websites, and the Google Website Optimizer will help improve content so better conversions can be made.

Google Website Optimizer is currently going to be integrated into Adwords. It can test the data that Adwords gives, especially traffic to the ads, and can also resolve statistics from your website. What it essentially does is allow you to input several different variations of certain parts of your website. Google uses these variations and combines them randomly. It will take each combination and record the actions of what each visitor has done. You can determine which strategy works best for retaining customers and turning clicks into conversions, ultimately increasing your ROI.

What I especially like about the release of this new software is that Google actually gives you a video demo of how to use it. The video is very easy to understand and has a general focus on how important your landing page is and how to use the Google Website Optimizer to increase conversions.
View the Google Website Optimizer video.

At this point in time, Google Website Optimizer is in it’s beta stages, but I predict that it won’t be long before this is fully released. In Google’s early stages it took them a long time to release products such as gMail, but now it appears as if they are able to get things done much faster, which is what we saw with Google Analytics.

You can sign up to be considerred for being a trial tester at the Website Optimizer page.



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